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eBlitz is an app that helps Fortnite players easily team up

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eBlitz is an app that helps Fortnite players easily team up.

Each player can find new teammates via swiping through recommendations, or picking from previously matched players.

Players will be joined into a Discord voice chat immediately upon match invites are accepted.

Once all team members are ready, our integration with Fortnite will send the users into the same lobby automatically so they can start game together.

Game lovers with gaming experience preferable in this project. If you played Fortnite you are the beast match.

  • All Android versions
  • Game Testing
  • Manual testing
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Discord
  • Games
Last Updates

28 Mar 2021

Backend and app have been updated, the current version will stop working now, please use the version below:


Testers with the previous version should uninstall the previous version before installing the new version, just to avoid caching issues.

There still isn’t much feedback on the later stages of the app (making team, starting game etc). It is a place where you can find new potential bugs. You need to use 2 devices to do a research.

27 Mar 2021

Apologies we introduced new password validation rule to improve security, it seems the error messages are not being correctly handled yet. Meanwhile if you try to use a password that meets the criteria below it should work: 

Password should have at least one number, 

Password should have at least one uppercase letter, 

Password should have at least one of the special characters

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Last updates that are something that might have bugs.
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