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Real payments test for online casino

Prizes: 10$ per test + Rating from QAProvider

Hi, all!

Only trusted testers with rating or other activities on QAProvider allowed for this opportunity.

We need to test real payments for online casino. Product has issues with payments from specific GEO locations and banks.

We will send you money to make a minimum deposit in casino and do the test. Also after each test you will receive additional 10$.

If you want to participate please refer to the next file. It has a list of tests that we need to execute.

It consist of 3 columns: GEO, bank, currency (local).

If you would like to test specific row please apply.

Provide a list of settings that you can check in your application.

In the test you will need to prepare a video of payment process. Payments details should be hidden from the video! We need only to see that you use exact payment link and bank.

Do not show your payment details in the video!

Apply only if you are confident with this task!

  • Vietnamese localisation test
  • Indonesian localisation test
  • Thai localisation test
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