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Eye QAProvider - Visual regression testing tool

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Hi, all!

We made a tool for visual regression testing of responsive web UI - Eye QAProvider.

We use this tool to ensure that changes in CSS affects only those pages and parts of the website that were planned.

It is useful tool for testing web pages with a frequent UI changes (promo pages, landings, info pages). There is no ability to interact with web page).

In the first queue we will accept testers who use such tools or need tools like that at work and can do feature comparison and suggestions.

  • All desktops
  • Usability Testing
  • Manual testing
  • UI/UX Tester
Last Updates

09 Mar 2020

URLs scanner feature added

This part of project description gives you the right way where you search for bugs.
Last updates that are something that might have bugs.
Earlier updates probably were tested before.
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