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NUSIC Beta - Instant Mashups

Prizes: 1 x $20 for the winner + Rating + $$$ from QAProvider

After running NUSIC: Mashup DJ on Beta on QAProvider we are back with a brand new iteration of the App. Through the very insightful feedback we received from the community, we have completely re-imagined the App and made a big decision to move away from the previously interactive App and now letting our AI DJ make the mix for you, and then you can share it online.

We are specifically interested in testing the SHARE feature across platforms, so request that every tester SHARE their mashups on different platforms, but especially on Instagram where you can post with the hashtag #nusicfm in order to be discovered. The mashup posted by a QAProvider tester with the most likes under #nusicfm will receive a bonus cash prize from QAProvider.

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  • All Android versions
  • Any languages
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