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Windows software testing on low resolution screens

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I need to test our desktop app Visual Watermark ( on Windows 10 machine with screen resolution of 1366x768 without Java machine. When testing check for the following problems, please:  
- Incorrect (unexpected) behaviour, 
- Cropping and incorrect interface layout, 
- Suboptimal/inconvenient feature realisation, 
- Invalid window size, 
- Lags. 

Please take screenshots for found problems and add them into the report. If you're not able to find steps to reproduce the problem, still report your findings.

  • Windows 10
  • Manual testing
  • Desktop Application Testing
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Please, read a test task carefully to understand the goal of testing. The very important part is this:

"I found that the biggest drop in sales have people with Windows 10 and 1366x768 screen resolution without Java machine. We need to understand why."


If you have Java installed on your computer you can check with Java

This part of project description gives you the right way where you search for bugs.
Last updates that are something that might have bugs.
Earlier updates probably were tested before.
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