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Prizes: Rating + $$$ from QAProvider

Why not to join us right now?

You will be the first who will test our web site, who will get stars for good testing.

With good results you will be on the top of the rating, it will help you in the future to get new projects.

It means that this project is a good start point for you. Get rated and you will be able to test other serious projects!

Scope for beta testing:

- Functional bugs

- Cross browser tests on different devices & browsers (IE browser and tap devices like iPad has an issue, do not test on it! mobiles acceptable)

- Usability bugs

- English texts check

- Features suggestions (good features will be rewarded!)

  • All devices
  • Translation Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Manual testing
  • English localisation test
Last Updates

Focused on (good ideas on the next questions will give more bonuses from QAProvider)

  • How to involve more testers in discussions club
  • How to motivate testers to post in discussions club
  • How to be more trusted for new project owners


  • Jobs subscription (no more jobs in social networks, only beta tests)


  • Jobs Board, test job is here, other is real! Apply if you fit the requirements.
  • New homepage released


  • Add city field in profile
  • Autocomplete component enhancement (profile fields: country, city, qualification, device, os version, language)
This part of project description gives you the right way where you search for bugs.
Last updates that are something that might have bugs.
Earlier updates probably were tested before.
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