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JMeter Tutorial (BlazeMeter plugin for Chrome)

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BlazeMeter | The Continuous Testing Platform

The Chrome extension records all of the HTTP/S requests and actual user interactions that your browser sends, creates a synced JMeter and Selenium scripts, and automatically uploads it to BlazeMeter, where you can execute it with a single click.

How to record HTTP requests and run it in JMeter


Step 1 - Add BlazeMeter plug-in to Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome and open this link
  • Select Add to Chrome and download will start. After some time the plug-in will be attached to chrome. You can see something like this(the BlazeMeter logo inside the yellow box)


Step 2 - Open Blazemeter & start recording

  • Click on the BlazeMeter icon and click on record button

Step 3 - Record Your browsing

  • After recording is started we can browse websites
  • In this case I will be visiting ,
  • After visiting all the pages stop the recording, Rename the recording(NEW_RECORD).
  • Remember one thing, you have to sign up for Blazemeter and you should be logged in, otherwise you cannot save the recording in JMX format.
  • Click on Save and select JMeter only(.jmx) and domain( in my case) save it.
  • Download will start automatically as JMeter script

Step 4  - Open JMeter and Open the script

  • After opening JMeter go to File>Open>[JMeter_Scipt.jmx] from the downloaded .jmx file location
  • We can see the pages we have visited inside the thread group

Step  5 - Add Listeners to see results

  • We have the HTTP requests already, all we need now is a listener to see the result
  • We will use Results Tree as a listener
  • Follow this to add listener New_Record(right click)>Add>Listeners>View Results Tree

Step  6 - Run & Validate the test

We are now ready to run the test and see the result in Results Tree

  • Run the test by clicking on the start button

     Here we can see that all the tests are successful and the response data can be seen. The biggest advantage of using BlazeMeter plugin is that we no longer need to create HTTP requests for every page under the same domain manually. All we need to do is start recording, visit all the pages we want to test,save it as .jmx script and run it in JMeter. This is very useful for websites that has many pages and not all of them can be checked perfectly. Using this tool reduces the work and that's the best part of automation.

    Hope I am able to elaborate the whole thing in a simple manner. Thanks for reading.

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Published: 11 months ago by Raja
QAProvider Team at 2019-06-27 13:27:44
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We are still having next problem with this tool. We will do experiments with this from other device

Raja at 2019-06-27 15:30:00
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Try checking from other devices and can you send the detailed problem of this?? Try exporting as json or taurus and let me know if you are successful

QAProvider Team replied to Raja's comment at 2019-06-29 19:59:02
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From other device it is working, however another weird thing happened :) Will add in next comment

QAProvider Team at 2019-06-29 20:03:47
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At first everything looks fine

But results can be expanded, and when we did it

No way to understand what all these means. We recorded only 7 links in BlazeMeter.

Why they are expandable? Why -0, -1 here? What all these means?

Why -10 expandable again.

The idea of tool is good, but realization looks not completed. Even just after installing in Chrome it hanging the browser. In previous attempt on another device and in this one we had this issue with hanging.

Raja replied to QAProvider Team comment at 2019-06-30 05:06:29
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Here I have recorded only the homepage of qaprovider but still I got 15 reports after expanding the result. These 15 reports contain attributes of the page like the user avatar, qaprovider team's avatar, other icons available in the page. Report 10 is expandable as it contains css bodies of the page .

This is the kind of attribute I am talking about, social media icons are also there. See the response body of every report, you'll get the clear idea about this. 

Blazemeter plugin consumes too much memory while running, if your device doesn't have enough memory then the device will slow down and sometime you will face hanging or lagging issue. This is a common problem of Blazemeter.  

QAProvider Team replied to Raja's comment at 2019-06-30 06:07:13
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Got it! Thank you!